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Esau & Hueber Yeast Prop Systems

Esau & Hueber is the global leader in the design of brewery yeast propagation systems. These systems are employed by many of the world’s major brewing companies and craft brewers. From simple Carlsberg Flasks and the MICRO PROP system to sophisticated CONTI PROP and FLEXI PROP systems, Esau & Hueber has a propagator that will suit your needs.

Key Features

  • True sanitary propagation tank design with no internal protrusions
  • Yeast is kept in a homogeneous suspension independent of internal gas sparging or mechanical mixers
  • Low foam generation within the propagator due to the most efficient air/oxygen solubilization utilizing TURBO AIR technology
  • In the CONTI PROP and FLEXI PROP systems, the yeast can be rejuvenated prior to pitching with the Esau & Hueber FERMEX system
  • In the case of totally automated multi-vessel systems, the proprietary YEAST PROPAGATION MANAGER (YPM) process control system can be used


Carlsberg Flasks

  • Cost-efficient system for yeast management on a laboratory scale
  • True hygenic design with integral cooling jacket • Sizes: 5-100 liter working volumes


  • Single tank propagator systems for large breweries
  • PLC controlled in manual or valve block executions
  • Sizes: Custom designed for your requirements


  • Hygienically designed mobile system with manual programmable aeration and temperature control
  • Perfect for craft breweries desiring to control their own propagation of numerous cultures instead of purchasing liquid cultures
  • Sizes: Single 100 liter and Tandem 200 liter working volumes


  • Multiple tank propagation systems for large breweries
  • PLC controlled in manual or valve block executions
  • Sizes: Custom designed for your requirements

Options for CONTI PROP & FLEXI PROP Systems

FERMEX is a storage and crop yeast revitalization process. The storage yeast is gently degassed eliminating CO2 and the slurry is revitalized prior to pitching via programmed addition of fresh wort and oxygen.

The YEAST PROPAGATION MANAGER (YPM) is a fuzzy logic program and is your “virtual propagation technician”. The YPM provides a self-optimizing solution for the control of yeast propagation as it continuously monitors, analyzes and manages all process-relevant parameters in real time. Controls the outcome of your yeast production, so that yeast of optimal vitality, desired cell concentration and residual extract will be available at the time you need it.

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