Esau & Hueber Gas Injection Systems

Esau & Hueber developed the global standard for hygienically designed, two-component jet nozzle injection systems. The construction complies with all aspects of hygienic design, and therefore offers increased safety for this sensitive area of beer production. The effect of the nozzle – acceleration of the product flow with subsequent, sudden relaxation – results in the formation of ultrafine gas bubbles immediately after the nozzle. A dissolving section after the gas injection unit is not required, due to the formation of very small bubbles and almost instantaneous absorption into the liquid phase. Due to the absence of a sintered stone for gas bubble creation, these units are truly CIP-able and no disassembly is required to clean the gas addition area. The nominal widths available range from DN 40 to 200 and cover flow capacities from 25 to 2000 hl/h.


  • Best possible aeration effect by forming the very finest bubbles of any design
  • Significantly lower air consumption than other systems
  • Protection of antioxidants
  • Complete saturation right after the nozzle, therefore no adsorption section required
  • Minimal foam formation in the tank
  • Hygienic implementation due to sanitary flanges and CIP bypass for inline cleaning
  • Monitoring of the sterile air quantity by measuring pressure and flow speed
  • Suitable for manual and automated operation
  • Optimal cool sludge separation due to compact foam layer


  • Dosage of CO2 with TURBO AIR two component nozzle: ensures extremely fine distribution and complete dissolution in the product
  • Manual and fully automated systems available
  • Automated operation of the system; alarms are indicated by visual signals and sound
  • Simple and comprehensive operation directly at the touch panel
  • Fine adjustment of the system according to the CO2 content actually measured in the product
  • Microbiological safety of the product due to construction according to the specifications of hygienic design


  • System suitable for dosing nitrogen built to the same specifications as the TURBO CARBO
  • Ratio controlled or manual dosing of nitrogen into your product lines
  • Usually incorporated into a TURBO CARBO system (TURBO CARBO NITRO)
Esau & Hueber Turbo Air Brochure
Esau & Hueber Turbo Carbo Brochure
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