Esau & Hueber Craft 10 and Craft 20

The Craft series brewhouses from Esau&Hueber offer a German made,  full featured, customizable system that is available in 10 or 20 bbl capacities and designed for quick start up.

The Esau & Hueber Craft 10 and Craft 20 brewhouse is based around a  2 vessel design (mash/wort kettle and lautertun), but can be expanded to 3 vessels with the addition of an optional whirlpool.

The systems are capable of handling a large variation in wort gravity and offer flexibility in batch size.

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Additional options available:

  • Whirlpool
  • Wort cooling and aeration
  • Automated mashing
  • Flue pipe or vapor precipitator
  • Tube strainer for CIP
  • Customizable (via logo) glass manways
  • WiFi access to touch screen panel
  • Ethernet remote access
  • Premium lauter rakes and knives
  • LED vessel illumination
  • Ground finish to vessel exteriors (for a more aesthetic appearance)
Esau & Hueber Craft 10 and Craft 20 Product Data Sheet
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