Esau & Hueber Brewhouse Technology

Esau & Hueber provides complete brewing systems – for handling grain to beer – designed to the high standards of System NERB and crafted at the workshops of Esau & Hueber in Schrobenhausen, Bavaria, Germany. All Esau & Hueber System NERB brewhouses are engineered to guarantee wort production which complies to DIN Standard 8877.

Esau & Hueber Brewhouses are based on a three vessel configuration – Mash Tun, Lauter Tun and Kettle/Whirlpool (with external wort boiler), with optional prerun vessel and hop back.


  • Custom designed, linear skid mounted, fully scalable breweries
  • Used by major brewing companies, teaching universities and by hop and malt suppliers
  • Available in manual and semi-automated systems, or the fully automated WINBREW® system
  • Sizes: 2-10 hl (1.5-8.5 bbl)


  • Modular construction for ease of planning, cost- effective production and simple commissioning
  • Offered in a limited range of surface finishes
  • Standardized WINBREW® automation hardware and software
  • Up to 12 brews per day depending upon configuration
  • Sizes: 20-250 hl (15-215 bbl)


  • Classical brewhouses custom designed and built to the specific requirements of the brewer and brewing process
  • Offered in a broad range of surface finishes
  • Full WINBREW® automation hardware and software, and optional sensor systems
  • Auxiliary brewing equipment incorporated as required
  • Up to 12 brews per day depending upon configuration
  • Sizes: 20-250 hl (15-215 bbl)


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