Esau & Hueber Brewhouse Options

Grain Handling & Milling

  • Complete malt/grain handling systems
  • Selection of dry, pre-conditoned and wet mills


  • Low oxygen foremasher
  • Low shear VARIOWING® mash mixer


  • 5 mm milled stainless steel false bottom
  • VARIOBLADE® lauter carriage with spent grain pendulum
  • Ponndorf spent grain systems (or progressive cavity pump)


  • Whirlpool geometry for excellent trub separation
  • External or internal wort boiler
  • Hop dosing station
  • NTRS (NERB Trub Removal System) – A slowly rotating internal hydraulically assisted trub removal jet

Wort Treatment

  • Plate heat exchangers & TURBO AIR wort aeration system

Yeast Management

  • Esau & Hueber MICRO PROP, CONTI PROP or FLEXI PROP systems

Cellar Engineering – Complete cellar design and supply. Features can include:

  • CONTI FLASH – Flash pasteurizer systems
  • CONTI BLEND – High gravity blending systems
  • AIREX – Membrane water deaeration systems
  • FLEXI FILL & SEMI FILL – Party keg & bottle filler
  • CIP Systems – E&H classic reclaim systems
  • BioStar CIP – E&H single use CIP Systems

Retrofits or Upgrades – Esau & Hueber System NERB brewhouse technology can be integrated into existing installations. Please call for an inspection. Some of the options are listed below:

    Esau & Hueber’s intuitive control software for breweries. Recipe builder, scheduler and trending functions. Compatible with AMS systems. Siemens & Rockwell hardware friendly. Superior cost-effective control system when compared to ProLeiT and Siemens operating systems.
    The NERB innovative vacuum assist boiling system that reduces energy cost and promotes hop aroma capture.
  • Energy Recovery Systems
    Classic stack economizers or energy recovery systems for wort preheating.
  • Mash Tun & Lauter Tun Upgrades
    Bring your system up to modern standards.


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