MicroElements Brewing Nutrients

MicroElements Brewing Nutrients

MicroElements ™ Brewing Nutrient Tablets are a diverse blend of vitamins, minerals, polypeptides, and amino acids.  They have been identified as essential precursors required to build yeast biomass, with 100% organic nitrogen, all compressed into a convenient tablet form. Gusmer Enterprises has been formulating fermentation nutrients for many years and has developed MicroElements Brewing Nutrients based on the latest fermentation research.  These brewing nutrients are made with the highest quality, bioavailable ingredients for maximum assimilation by the yeast.

Unlike traditional yeast nutrient products, which contain a high percentage of inexpensive diammonium phosphate (DAP) and yeast hulls, MicroElements Brewing Nutrients do not contain DAP. Instead, our research team has found that our proprietary blend of pure vitamins, minerals, and yeast extract gives superior fermentation performance. Breweries enlisted in product testing noted better yeast flocculation, increased yeast viability, higher RDF’s, increased rates of fermentation, and positive sensory evaluation.

In keeping with good sanitation practices, the easy-to-use tablet form allows for accurate dosing and virtually no dust, thus eliminating the risk for airborne contamination in the brewery. All ingredients in MicroElements Brewing Nutrient Tablets comply fully with the Adjunct Reference Manual published by the Beer Institute and adhere to the TTB standards. The product is non-GMO, non-BSE certified and formulated in the USA and under GMP conditions.

Key Features

  • Consistent fermentations
  • Increase attenuation
  • Improve filtration
  • Maintain yeast population viability
  • Virtually no dust, easy-to-use, tablet form

Pack Size: 1 kg (29 tablets), 5 kg (147 tablets)

Dose Rate: 1 tablet /10 barrels


Designed for use at the kettle or fermentation vessel in all types of brewing, especially high gravity brewing, or in yeast propagation regimes. It is a complete fermentation nutrient supplement. Add tablet(s) during the last 10-15 minutes of boil to fully dissolve prior to knockout.

Note: When used as recommended, MicroElements Brewing Nutrients will provide at least 30 pbb of zinc.

MicroElements PDS
MicroElements Brewing Nutrients SDS