Fiber Filter Aid Cellu-Flo

Fiber Filter Aid Cellu-Flo 

Fiber Filter Aid – On pressure leaf filters and candle filters, the basis for all good filter cakes is a sound precoat.  Gusmer has been manufacturing the filter precoat materials that are used in beer filtration for decades. Gusmer’s Cellu-Flo filter aids are widely used throughout the industry as a precoat.  Because of their ability to form a fibrous matrix on the filter screens that provides a proper site for filter cake formation. This fibrous matrix also serves to protect the filter screens, virtually eliminates bleed-through, adds cake stability and allows for a quick and clean cake release at the end of the filter cycle.

Cellu-Flo filter aids are available in many different fiber length distributions and formulations.  Including both cotton and wood pulp formulations, uncharged and charge modified formulations and fiber blended products.

Cellu-Flo RW and SL Series
For Pressure Leaf Filters

  • Widely used for coarse and polish beer filtration applications as a precoat and bodyfeed adjunct
  • Derived from carefully selected soft and hard wood cellulose and available in different fiber length distributions

Cellu-Flo CLR and CLS Series
For Pressure Leaf Filters

  • The best choice for ultrafine beer filtrations. Used as a precoat and bodyfeed adjunct
  • A must if preparing beer for subsequent sterile filtration
  • Derived from pure cotton linters cellulose and available in uncharged and charge modified (high zeta potential) versions and different fiber length distributions

Cellu-Flo fibers are available in bag and bulk pack totes. Contact your Gusmer representative for the optimal dosage rate and grade selection for your filtration application.

Cellu-Flo Product Data Sheet
Cellu-Flo Fiber Filter Aid SDS
Cellu-Flo RW40 and RW100 Filter Aid SDS
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