IFF Enzymes

Enzymes for Hard Seltzer

Diacetyl Control – Manage diacetyl by eliminating the precursors of vicinal diketones (VDK’s).

ALPHALASE® Advance 4000  α-acetolactate decarboxylase

  • Breakdown VDK precursors for short and consistent maturation periods
  • Keep diacetyl levels below the flavor threshold
  • Shorten or eliminate diacetyl rest
  • Optimize capacity and reduce processing times

Attenuation Control – Obtain maximum RDF values time after time, with the use of starch conversion enzymes.

DIAZYME® TGA MASH – Glucoamylase

  • Maximize starch conversion
  • Minimize residual carbohydrates
  • Provides a high degree of attenuation
  • Suitable for application in mash or at fermenter

DIAZYME® X4 – Glucoamylase

  • Maximize hydrolyses of starch into fermentable sugars
  • Achieve RDF > 83%
  • Minimizes residual carbohydrates

Liquefaction & Cereal Cooking – Supplemental enzymes break down starch and reduce mash viscosity for more consistent mashing. Add to cereal cooker for faster liquefaction.

AMYLEX® 5T – Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Excellent adjunct liquefaction for a faster viscosity break
  • Allows for use of low water to grist ratio
  • Efficient starch liquefaction for reduced processing costs
  • Broad pH tolerance