Diacetyl Control Enzymes


Diacetyl control usually requires a warm maturation or diacetyl rest lasting one or two days. Diacetyl prevention can be achieved without diacetyl rest by enzymatic degradation of alpha-acetolactate, the yeast byproduct that is the precursor of diacetyl.

Gusmer Enterprises is proud to be the authorized distributor for DuPont™ Danisco®

ALPHALASE® Advance 4000

Alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase (ALDC) to break down VDK precursors for short and consistent maturation periods.

  • Keep diacetyl levels below the flavor threshold
  • Shorten or eliminate diacetyl rest
  • Optimize capacity and reduce processing times
  • Suitable for a broad range of brewing protocols and process conditions
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