Starch Conversion Enzymes

Starch conversion enzymes

Liquefaction & Cereal Cooking – Supplemental enzymes break down starch and reduce mash viscosity for more consistent mashing.  Add to cereal cooker for faster liquefaction.

AMYLEX® 5T – Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Excellent adjunct liquefaction for a faster viscosity break
  • Allows for use of low water to grist ratio
  • Efficient starch liquefaction for reduced processing costs
  • Broad pH tolerance
  • Application: Add to cereal cooker before cooking or into the mash.

AMYLEX® 4T – Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Rapid viscosity reduction at high solid concentrations
  • Allows for the use of high temperature gelatinization starches
  • Can be used with high adjunct levels
  • Application: Add to cereal cooker before cooking or into the mash.

AMYLEX® BT2 – Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Rapidly reduces viscosity for efficient starch liquefaction
  • Can be used for medium or high gelatinization temperatures
  • Great for brewers that want organic approval
  • Application: Add to cereal cooker before cooking or into the mash.

Raw Material Optimization – Enables the use of difficult and gluten-free grains or significant levels of adjuncts.            Achieve high performance brewing with locally available raw materials.

ALPHALASE® AP3 – α-amylase, β-glucanase & protease

  • Allows for high barley brewing (up to 60%)
  • Fast liquefaction at low water to grist ratio
  • Provides consistent levels of FAN
  • Optimize extract yields without undesirable impacts on foam, fermentation or flavor profile
  • Application: Add to mash at mashing in or right after.

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