Zahm & Nagel Gas Measurement Devices

SS-60 Volume Meter

The Zahm SS-60 Volume Meter was developed to determine average CO2 levels of gas in tank-stored beverages. This instrument uses the same pressure temperature methodology that is the current standard for most CO2 measuring devices in the industry. This instrument offers accurate repeatable results. A precise piston release mechanism eliminates bleeding off of the sample and the potential for human error. The lightweight design reduces operator fatigue while the stainless steel construction increases strength, resists corrosion and results in a robust instrument able to withstand the rigorous conditions of the brewery cellar.

Series 7000 Air Tester

The Zahm Series 7000 Air Tester allows you to monitor the performance of your filler line in regards to gas volume and air pickup. This instrument is used to test CO2 volume and air content in either glass or cans. It is automatically adjustable to various size bottles and cans and is available in either one- or two-liter sizes. Two standard pressure/temperature relationship charts are furnished with the instrument for the determination of volumes of CO2 gas in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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