Chr. Hansen SmartBev DIBS CA-1

Chr. Hansen SmartBev™ DIBS CA-1
DIBS CA-1 is a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to be used for the production of beer. The culture is a top fermenting strain to be used specifically for ale type beers. The product is delivered as a deeply frozen bag ready for direct inoculation; it does not require re-hydration or acclimatization.

Key Features:

  • The new standard is Frozen Liquid Yeast
  • Direct inoculation: 1 bag for 15-20 bbl
  • High viability over 18 month shelf life at -50 °F
  • No propagation or rehydration needed

Fermentation Characteristics:

  • Optimal temperature range: 65-75 °F
  • Balanced flavor profile for many ale styles
  • Short lag phase; fast fermentation
  • Pure and active frozen yeast, no carrier
  • Attenuation up to 80% – Consumes maltotriose

DIBS CA-1 Flavor Profile

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