Chr. Hansen SmartBev NEER

Chr. Hansen SmartBev™ NEER™ – Designed for Low & Non-Alcoholic Beer
NEER is produced using Chr. Hansen’s proprietary production method which ensures high product performance, consistency and low risk of contamination. The NEER product is delivered on dry-ice as a 1 kg frozen block that, after thawing, can be transferred to the fermentation vessel using the sterile connection tube included in the package. NEER is highly concentrated, 1 bag can be used to inoculate 212-425 bbl of wort and normally finishes fermentation within 3-5 days. Minimal maturation of the beer is required.

Non-alcoholic Brewing Process Comparison
Most non-alcoholic beers suffer from inferior organoleptic properties due to the ‘side-effects’ of the physical removal of ethanol or the application of cold-contact with regular brewers’ yeasts. NEER is a traditional brewing solution, which can produce full bodied, flavorful, non-alcoholic beers using our patented Pichia kluyveri strain.

Key Features:

  • Pichia kluyveri strain: Isolated in New Zealand, selected for fermentation characteristics and its ability to only ferment monosaccharides.
  • Frozen yeast: Direct pitching for convenience, speed and safety. From freezer to fermenter in 1 hour.
  • Fermentation characterstics: Enhanced fruit flavours (esters/thiols) and medium production of polysaccharides for next generation full flavoured, yet fresh alcohol free beer.
  • Production benefits: Without production of diacetyl, the concept allows for shortened maturation cycles.

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